The blog has helped alot and you like my style, but you need a bit more?

Maybe you're having a hard time getting out of your own head and you need an impartial outside view.

Maybe you are still stuck on someone, even though you kind of know what to do, you still feel confused and hurt.

Maybe you are still filled with questions and want closure.

Maybe you really just want to know what to do now or how to get your person to come back.

Maybe you are hesitant about following your dreams--be it new love, career, or whatever fills you with joy.

Or maybe you really want someone to consult with decorating and styling ideas to make your life even more awesome.

If you want to take the help the blog and courses offered to the next level and get personalized, individual feedback and assistance, consider working with me. This customized experience can help your metamorphosis happen more rapidly and with even greater results.


I give a 15 minute pre-consultation to explain what you can and can not expect of coaching. We will briefly talk about why you are interested in coaching and if we are a good fit based on that.

Coaching Sessions:

Sessions are 1 hour long. This is your opportunity to talk about what you need help with, ask questions, get clarification! Coaching takes place over the telephone or through Skype audio.

If you are ready to be honest with yourself and start your journey, I am here to help you make it an easier, more joyful, more purposeful, and less intimidating path. We'll step out of sorrow, unstopper your enthusiasm, break through your blocks, and look at ways you can start living it up!

If you are tired of the pain from stagnating where you are at, let's work together!

This is so exciting! I look forward to our epic collaboration!

*by filling out and submitting the coaching inquiry form, you are agreeing to and accepting the terms of service for the website and for coaching which can be found below and on the About page.

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For coaching sessions, the coach agrees to keep all conversations and information with the client private and strictly confidential. No personal ideas, information or thoughts expressed by the client will be shared with anyone except with the permission of the client.

This coaching relationship, as well as all information that the client shares with the coach is bound to confidentiality by the I.C.F. code of Ethics but is not considered a legally confidential relationship. The coach will not disclose the client’s name as a reference without the client’s consent.

Confidential information does not include information that:

(a) was in the coach’s possession prior to its being furnished by the client.
(b) is generally known to the public or in the client’s industry.
(c) that the Coach is required by law to disclose.

Cancellation/ No Show Policy for Session

We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family.

If a session is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, there are no refunds.

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