Updated: Dec 11, 2019

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When your heart is broken, by anyone, the grieving process has you until you are able to move on.

However long that process is going to take, there are things you can do while you wait for the worst of the pain to pass.

You have power. Time to make use of it!

FIREBIRD is all about using your pain as fuel to become reborn as the best and most powerful incarnation of yourself yet!

FIREBIRD is here to help you see the sparkling embers where you thought there were only ashes, and become re-born each day after each dark night of the soul.

Over 2 weeks, a fiery e-mail will be delivered to your inbox every day with a technique, idea, or practice to help you heal, release, and honor the range of feelings you are going through so you can spread your wings again.

If you want fierce guidance on how to soar again while you try to remember how to fly, I’m here for you with what worked for me during the most painful lost loves of my life.

Time to harness your own inner inferno and soar with the fire of your own incredible light and magic—the light and magic you carried into every situation and every relationship you ever enjoyed!

Get ready to transform by being your truest, most honest, highest self.


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