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Create a better life using what you already have!

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“I never use this.”

Then use it!

I am very emotionally attached, sentimental, and possessive about my things. Why? They are extensions of myself, hopes, dreams, experiences, and visions I have.

If this is you, you can stop fighting it just because everywhere you look someone is making detachment look sexy. Time to stop glorifying people just for taking the path of least resistance. Barf. It’s time for you to do you!

But you will probably still feel guilty about it if you don’t set up a system where you enjoy the things you have. It feels wasteful. Things want to be used and loved.

We get stuck in a rut of ignoring things and letting them stack up, and not letting them help us and make us smile.

That’s on us.

This week, month, year, give yourself permission to skip the easy way out (ignore it all or junk it all) and instead *enjoy* it like you always intended.

Not all dreams are massive. Some are simpler and just take doing.

Each thing was a dream that you had to use and enjoy it.

Fulfill your dreams by consuming mindfully: shop in your own home.

Like yesteryear’s children trapped inside on a rainy day, people tend to say they have nothing to do, ignoring all the wonders around them. They are literally living in a 3-D catalog of their favorite things...but since nothing is positioned to be user -friendly, each thing worth about as much as a mere photograph of itself.

They “Marie Kondo” out their house but then just buy more (sometimes overspending).

There are systems for making life interesting by using what we have and already love (and falling back in love with things that we have). I view my things the way an artist views the colors of paints. They are how I make my life into art.

We liked something enough to buy it, but for some reason, we take things we buy for granted or even see them as a burden. This is often laziness because we don't make it easy on ourselves to use them; instead we put them in our way, which is stressful. Sometimes we need to miss things to remember how much we like them. Sometimes we forget what we have. We feel overwhelmed with options we don't exactly remember but know are hidden in there somewhere.

What Can We Do?

* Make a list of things you currently need in your house. Start shopping in your cupboards first. See what you have. Do inventory.

* Create a meal using recipes from an old magazine. Have fun with the process. Pretend you have your own television show. Make the decorations too if you have time. Use some tips. Share a story with a friend. Make the most of those treasured stacks of periodicals! Make them important to living your life.

* Don’t throw out what you haven’t worn in 2 years, WEAR IT! Wear it in a new way to make a new outfit! Pretend you’re a fashion blogger doing “5 Ways To Wear—-“. Have fun playing dress up.

* Open a book you haven’t looked at in a long time (use your intuition). Learn one thing. Write down one quote you find beautiful. Share it. Do this every day.

* Make a shelf or or a table arrangement with unlikely things from the bowels of your closet or cupboards. It should be a 3-D collage. You can use a theme or just things you like. Keep adding and subtracting until it feels right. You can make it purposely ridiculous to make you laugh, elegant, holiday-related, symbolic, etc.

If you don’t feel talented in the decorating arena, this is a great way to start. Start by making it as bad as you possibly can, and try different things from there. Have fun!

* Have your own home goods store. Take things that aren’t lighting you up right now and put them into storage. Make your home bare bones and naked for a while if it makes you feel like you have a fresh start. Then you can go shopping in your storage and add back one or two things a week (or, if you already have things in storage, swap them out). Fall in love with things again. Remember the memories.

* Create a corner retreat. Build a reading fort in a neglected corner. Decorate it like a mermaid’s cave with things you like but don’t know what to do with. Or design it as if your favorite character/author/hero is coming to stay and that will be their hang out!

We often love things because they reflect ourselves, but it’s easier to do when we imagine it is for others because we are too into our own heads.

Don’t be afraid to hang things from the ceiling.

* Write the story, the memories behind some of the things in your house. You can share it, or not. This is a great creative writing exercise. Make the reader (even if it is just you) really feel in that moment when they read it (or when you read it back to yourself).

* Rearrange. This seems so obvious, but we don’t always DO what is obvious.

Collect random art from around the house and put it altogether in a gallery wall.

Swap out curtains.

Swap out furniture in different rooms.

Take your vases out of the cabinet and PUT FLOWERS in them (or a fish!).

Put a end table in the bathroom and make a spa-like display of products.

Put the bed in the living room (have a bed in!) and the couch in the bedroom (it’s the readroom now!).

Be unconventional and break new ground. Be weird. Let your intuition talk even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment. Who knows, you might love it (and at the very least, it will give you a new perspective. Oh Captain, My Captain!)!

* Use up the food in the pantry (do you really need that much food storage or does it sit there forever and go bad anyway?). Use that space as a “junk drawer”. Remember when we took inventory? Organize useful odds and ends into bins so you know right where those things are when you need them.

* I’m not big on repurposing, but re-designing and re-painting is fun. Take some hideous heirloom and use it to express your artistic side.

Same with clothes. Add something to make it more distinctive: sew on a patch, embroider or paint on a saying, embellish with beads, etc. You can use a shirt you already have to make a shirt you would have otherwise bought: print and cut out the art or quote as a home-made stencil and then art it yourself on the shirt you already own.

Beat fast fashion and sweatshops!

* Things look even more awesome under glass. Invest in a little display cabinet and put it somewhere you can enjoy it. You can also arrange little knick-knack gardens in plant pots. Make a “altar” (arrangement or vignette with meaning) of things that make you smile near your bed. Put happy and inspiring things near your workplace, or things you can play with when you take a break.

If you contain the clutter and give it a purpose, it isn’t clutter any more! Give things you love a proper home you can enjoy them in! Beige, stark minimalism isn’t for everyone.

It’s not that exciting or meaningful to live in a furniture showroom just because a Instagrammer posts a smiley picture from such a setting everyday.

Keep your roots. Display your uniqueness in the art gallery of your house.

If you want an e-mail every day for 2 weeks guiding you in these ways (and more) and changing your mindset towards your habitation habits, I have a course you will love: SACRED SPACES!

All My Love,


Image Credit:

Ranyoi-Rassmarr, Fabsolutely

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